E - Publishing : Data Conversion

Quick Star Technology convert books, periodicals, journals, legacy materials of scientific/ medical/ legal documents, newspapers etc. into mark-up languages such as SGML, HTML, XML or any specified e-book format.
Source files can be converted from word processor formats such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, desktop publishing formats such as QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher or Adobe.

Collections of information scattered among several of these formats, along with those in hard copy only, can be converted into one standard format and merged together by Quick Star Technology.

We convert content to or from virtually any format including:

  • XML
  • SGML
  • HTML
  • LaTeX
  • PDF
  • Adobe InDesign

Our Services Includes

  • Analyzing Your data
  • Data Developing/modifying DTD/Schema
  • Writing conversion specifications
  • Pre - Migration data clean-up
  • OCR / Capture the document
  • SGML/XML/HTML encoding
  • Proofing, Validation and QC Audits

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